Hot Wheels fans left ‘mind blown’ after discovering ‘hidden’ image in logo

It has been topping children’s Christmas lists since the 1960s – but fans have only just discovered the ‘hidden’ image in its logo. Hot Wheels has been selling scale model cars to children and collectors worldwide for 54 years, with its iconic logo edged into many of their minds.

But a Reddit user has shared his revelation over their logo – which has “blown” fans’ minds. The user explained how there’s a ‘hidden wheel’ in the logo, disguised within the letters O and T of the word ‘Hot’. He claims the red background is the tyre, the O is the alloy, and the flaming T gives the wheel a 3D aspect. He said: “The O and T combined with the negative space between the H and the W form a hidden wheel and tyre in the Hot Wheels logo.

“It only took me 40 years to notice and it’s there in most of the variations through the years. Made me smile from ear to ear.”

Commenting on the revelation, one user said: “I’ve seen that logo my entire life and never noticed. That’s crazy!”

Another user added: “It’s more like an Easter egg than a design feature, I think.

“It’s kind of like the arrow in FedEx or how the Cisco data logo also resembles the Golden Gate Bridge — most people will never see it but those who do might find it fun.”

A third user said: “To quote my wife: ‘What? No that’s not a – oh, I see it now. Huh. Now I can’t un-see it’.”

One more user simply said: “My mind is honestly blown.”

However, others questioned whether it was a conscious design choice or just a happy accident.

One user said: “I mean, I guess I kind of see it. Is it just me or does anyone else think it’s still kind of a stretch?”

Another user added: “Is there any chance this is coincidence?

“The whole logo is distorted — it’s nifty but you know, doesn’t look that much like a wheel that I’d say it’s definitely intentional.”

But Hot Wheels isn’t the only brand who have ‘hidden’ an image in their logo as Toblerone has too.

Pointing it out on Twitter, one user explained how it was brought to her attention by her son, who was preparing to tuck into his first bar of the triangular chocolate.

The tweet reads: “My son had his first Toblerone today. ‘What’s the bear for?’ Me: ‘What bear?’ I was today years old when I found out there’s a bear in the Toblerone logo.”

There isn’t just a mountain printed on the chocolate box – there’s also a bear in the two-tone logo, which is stood up on its hind legs.

The mum went on to explain: “Toblerone comes from Bern, Switzerland. Also known as the city of bears.”