Parents in heated debate over mum’s school lunch box that ‘spoils’ her children

A mum-of-four has been ‘lunch box shamed’ over the amount of food she feeds her children after she shared pictures on social media.

The images of the lunch boxes filled with fruits, snacks and treats has sparked a fierce debate among parents with some saying she was being too generous and others encouraging mums and dads to feed their children more.

The mum explained in an Australian community Facebook group that she makes two sets of lunches daily reports.

Her six and nine-year-old get veggie sticks, sandwiches, fruit salads, little lamingtons, chocolates biscuits, Nutella and another snack like a Lunchable, or a Rollup.

Her older offspring aged 11 and 15 also get veggie sticks, fruit salad, sandwiches and Nutella but they get to enjoy a packet of Grain Waves, pretzels, a Cake Bar, salami and twiggy sticks and Tiny Teddies.

The mum said the lunch boxes cost $80 (£45) a week as each lunch box is $4 (£2.25) per child per day.

If her children didn’t finish their lunch box at home she said they will eat what’s left when they get home from school.

She said on her Facebook post: “We have no food restrictions at school, they encourage nuts/eggs etc. as healthy eating. If there were children who were allergic I would immediately stop sending those types of food.”

However parents said her lunch boxes were too generous with some saying they “couldn’t imagine” serving that amount of food to their kids.

Some parents even branded her children as “spoiled”.

One person commented: “My son takes one packet food, one piece of fruit, two different drinks and a bottle of water. That is so much food.”

Another queried the cost of the lunchboxes, saying: “That looks great but your food bill must be through the roof!

“I couldn’t imagine my kids eating that much or it fitting into our budget of $150 for three teens, one 11-year-old, two adults, two cats and two birds.”

However many loved the lunch boxes and applauded the mum.

“What a great job mumma, very cheap really and done in a very smart way,” one person said.

Another wrote: “Your kids will never feel deprived, will never feel like they need to binge and won’t have weight issues.”

“Wish you were available to make my lunches every day.”